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Proudly serving southeastern North Carolina

and northeastern South Carolina since 2004.

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Proper installation of floor coatings requires knowledge of surface preparation and application methods. I have perfected the necessary techniques over the years in order to provide my customers with a high quality product that they'll be happy with for years to come.

​A Cape Fear Garage Coating floor literally starts from the ground up - I diamond grind your concrete, seal your concrete, lay down a hybrid epoxy polymer and disperse vinyl chips as your base. The tops coats of polyurea or aspartic finish are applied and a non-skid agent is added where needed.​​

The Process


Step 1: Diamond grind the concrete on the existing garage floor to roughen up the surface. The grinder is equipped with a vacuum system to help eliminate dust. This will remove any existing coatings and surface imperfections to allow the coatings to penetrate into the concrete. Proper surface preparation ensures the best concrete coating and adhesion possible.
Step 2: Fill In the cracks and divots with a polymer resin. This gives your garage floor the smoothest appearance possible.

Step 3: The vapor barrier epoxy base coat is applied, then vinyl decorative flakes (in your choice of color) are dispersed into the base coat.  The base coat needs approximately 5 to 7 hours to cure, after which time the excess flake is swept, shaved and then vacuumed.

Step 4: The final step is the application of the polyaspartic epoxy top coat.  On a typical floor, there are one-two coats applied, followed by a non skid component dispersed where needed. After approximately 3 hours your new floor has cured enough for foot traffic and is ready for most of your items to be returned to your garage. I recommend waiting until the next day to park your vehicles back in the garage. This allows for proper time for the chemicals to finalize their curing process for full chemical resistance.
As an added service a dual axle 14 ft. trailer is available to the homeowner to store garage contents while the new the new garage floor is being installed. It is left on site and/or may be moved to a secured location off site.

Cape Fear Custom Coatings, Inc is one of the first epoxy concrete coating companies in the area.

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