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Proudly serving southeastern North Carolina

and northeastern South Carolina since 2004.

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The color samples shown below are the actual flakes. Please note that the hard samples, with the top coat applied, will give a better idea of what the final product will look like. If you would like an estimate or would like to see  sample boards, please contact

 at 910-231-6864, 919-606-9980 or send an email to

 Brindle Flake System

Available in 1/4" and 1" Flake (shown 1" flake)

Standard Color Flakes

The natural beauty of Mica is unbelievable, your floor will Glisten with natural crystalline beauty. The decorative, durable and environmentally friendly Mica provides the look of expensive terrazzo or granite for a mere fraction of the cost. These unique flakes are derived from a group of silicate minerals known as Mica, including: muscovite, phlogopite, biotite and clintonite. Utilizing a breakthrough technical manufacturing process, the distinctive hexagonal atom arrangement of the mica minerals are separated into sheet-like pieces and broken down into standardized flake sizes. These unique Mica flakes provide a natural Metallic Luster to our Roll on Rock® floor coating system that cannot be engineered with other materials.

Mica Color Flakes

Cape Fear Custom Coatings, Inc is one of the first epoxy concrete coating companies in the area.

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